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Lewis Hamilton wants to stay in F1 until at least 2025

Lewis Hamilton is planning to stay on the Formula One grid until at least 2025 after opening talks with Mercedes about a contract extension.

Hamilton’s current deal is due to expire at the end of next season, but he has made clear that he has no plans to retire at the end of 2023.

Instead, the seven-time world champion is looking to sign a new multiyear deal, which would keep him in Formula One until at least 2025 and possibly beyond.

“I have not a put a limit on it to be honest,” he said on Thursday when asked how long he would stay in F1. “I’m planning to do a multiyear deal with my team.

“I really don’t know what the next five years … I think we’re still trying to work on that. There are a lot of great things that are being put in place, like I just launched the production company this week, but I feel great in my body and mind.

“So, I want to continue, I think there’s more stuff for us to achieve together so I want to be here longer, I just don’t know. If Fernando leaves maybe I’ll have to think about it twice because I’ll be the oldest driver then!”

Hamilton, now 37, previously stated he had no intension to race into his 40s, but now points to various projects outside of F1, including his charitable foundation, Mission 44, as added impetus for staying in the sport.

“It’s been lingering around, this narrative of me winding towards the end of my career,” he added. “I’m sure for all of you in your careers and your jobs you probably have to analyze what’s next? Is there someone else you want to go? Is there somewhere higher you want to be? Is there room for growth in that role? I think that was perhaps something for me.

“Being a racing driver is a great thing, but I was trying to see ‘How am I going to grow beyond this role?’ And I think you’re seeing that with the work we’re doing with Ignite, I’ve got Mission 44 now, Toto [Wolff] has been a great leader and enabled me to do things. He said to me in the past when Niki [Lauda] would say to him, ‘How do you let him do this?’ and then eventually they’re all coming round to the idea that supporting and enabling people to be their best is better for everybody’s interest.

“So I think I’m just in a happy place in my life, a lot more grounded. I’ve got my home that I get to spend time in in the UK when I come to see the team for example, and the family come down. So it’s just a lot better setup all-round, and I feel like I can take the team to more championships.”

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