• August 3, 2021

What is to Surrendering In Blackjack?

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Some Casinos offer a “black jack Surrender.” At any time before a player takes a card or stands pat, that player may simply fold their hand. That may sound crazy, but this is called surrendering your hand, Where surrender is offered, when you fold your hand you lose the equivalent of one half of the original bet.
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Obviously, you should never surrender unless you have a very poor hand, and if surrender is still available, that means the dealer has not hit 21. Consider this option carefully. Here are the guidelines for scenarios which support the odds that favor surrendering your hand:
you should review the 2 ways this can be played:
The first option takes place after the cards are dealt, but before the dealer has looked at his cards. This is called an Early Surrender.
The second option takes place after the dealer has looked at his cards to reveal if a Blackjack hand was dealt. This is called a late surrender.
In both circumstances the dealer takes your surrendered cards, along with half of your bet.
Determining if this type of play is right for you will greatly depend on your strategy and the house rules of the casino.
The basic strategy for using the black jack surrender options are when your hand values are:

  • You are dealt a hand that totals 16 and the up card for the dealer is a 9, 10 or Ace
  • You are dealt a hand that totals 15 and the up card for the dealer is a 10 or Ace
  • You are dealt a hand that totals 17 and the up card for the dealer is an Ace

All other scenarios favor a different course of action.
When the surrender is not allowed, then the strategy would change to Hit on all but the Hard 16 Versus 10, you would stand
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