• July 31, 2021

What is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

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Perfect Pairs Blackack is played with two decks of cards and is very similar to a regular game of European Blackjack but with the addition of the ability to place an additional wager “on the side” during the same game. After selecting the game, you’ll be quick to notice a betting circle next to the standard betting square on the blackjack table. This is where you’ll place your side wager alongside your normal wager for playing online blackjack. After selecting Deal two cards are dealt face up, as you’re used to seeing when you play blackjack online. A single card is then dealt to the dealer. These two cards may well give you the opportunity to increase your winnings!
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You’re first instinct will be to check whether the two face-up cards are a winning combination within Perfect Pairs Blackjack. If they are, then you’ve won this part of the game and you can continue to play blackjack online in the usual way. The card dealt to the dealer plays no part in whether you’ve scored a win in Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Only the first two cards dealt to you determine your win and payout, as follows:
Mixed Pair — the same value but belong to a different colour. For example: 5 of diamonds and 5 of spades. Payout: 7:1
Coloured Pair — the same value and the same colour. For example: 5 of diamonds and 5 of hearts. Payout: 15:1
Perfect Pair — the same value and the same suit. For example: 5 of diamonds and 5 of diamonds. Payout: 30:1. (Remember — you’re playing with two decks of cards, which makes a perfect pair possible).
In summation, your first two cards determine whether you win or lose your side wager. It’s easy but effective. A mixed pair, coloured pair or perfect pair mean your side wager is a winner!
Payment from any winnings earned from Perfect Pairs Blackjack is added to your online casino account and you can now continue to the second part of the game — playing online blackjack as you normally would. In the event that your first two cards did not pair up, no winnings are earned and your wager is removed from the table. Continue playing online blackjack in your usual way (with the cards already dealt) as an online casino game of European Blackjack: request another card (or cards), “stand” when you need to, take insurance, split the cards (if a pair) or double down. It’s your choice. Of course, as in any ordinary online blackjack game, if your cards add up to over 21 you’re bust and the game’s over. If you “stand” before being bust and the dealer is bust, you win the game. But whichever way the game turns out, any winnings from the Perfect Pairs Blackjack side bet are already all yours, previously added to your online gaming account.
Your strategy for winning at blackjack should be the same as your regular gameplay for European Blackjack. Playing Perfect Pairs means that you quickly discover whether the first two cards dealt to you result in a win for your side wager, which in no way influences your online blackjack game play or your blackjack strategy. Of course, if the two cards are a pair, you can still proceed and split them, or let them be; but you would have still won the Perfect Pairs side wager with your winnings immediately added to your casino account. Just continue now with your usual gameplay for winning an ordinary online game of European Blackjack.
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