• July 30, 2021

What is Collusion?

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When two or more people engage in coordinated cheating in a poker game, it is called collusion. Collusion takes many forms, and it runs the gamut from relatively benign to malignant. For example, a milder form of collusion occurs when two players agree to “check it down.” This means that both players agree that neither will place any bets for the remainder of the hand, and at the end of the hand they will simply turn their hands up to see who wins.
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There are many forms of collusion and almost all forms require the players to settle on a strategy for winning the game.
There are some tell tale signs and common ways that allow others to detect any form of collusion in a game. Soft play is the kind of game where all involved players fail to bet or raise in a situation that would normally increase the worth of that situation for them. This sort of play is normally seen when a person who is part of the collusion team does not want the other partner(s) to lose money on her/his account.
Whipsawing is another major form of collusion that sees these partner players raise a stack and then re-raise the pot mainly to trap the people who are playing other than them on the table. Dumping is a part of the game where the cheater loses deliberately to the partner player and is a common way of trying to disperse any doubts of collusion between the players.
In collusion, there are many major ways of telling partners what hands they hold. There are a number of body signals, hand signals as well as other ways of signaling partners that include different ways of arranging the chips in a stack in a particular way.
Online poker makes collusion harder to pick or find out because the partners can message each other over chat software, talk on the phone or text message each other. This way, they can discuss their cards openly, without anybody finding out about it.
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