• August 3, 2021

What is Bluff Cooler Strategy?

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A “bluff cooler” would mean that a hand in your bluffing range runs into a hand in your opponent’s bluff-catching range. In other words, you have a hand that is very good for bluffing, you execute what you believe will be a profitable bluff against a significant part of your opponent’s range, and he calls you down with a hand that you were never expecting him to fold.
This highlights an important point: you should usually have a bluffing range. Most exceptions to this rule are opponent-specific, so unless you are attempting to exploit a particular player’s overly loose tendencies, you should generally be capable of betting as a bluff or semi-bluff in any situation where you would bet for value.
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The bluff cooler is an important concept when it comes to evaluating your play after the fact. As much as we know it’s wrong, results-oriented thinking can be extremely seductive. Whenever one of your bluffs does not succeed, it can be tempting to deem it a mistake, criticize yourself, and resolve not to bluff in such a situation again.
If your initial assumptions were correct, however, then this thinking may be just as irrational as deciding to fold Kings the next time because you ran into Aces this time. Understanding the concept of a bluff cooler helps you to determine whether your bluff was actually misguided or whether you were simply unlucky to run into one of the best hands your opponent could have.
How to Avoid Being Bluff Coolered?
The first step is to ensure what  your bluffing range is. Before you go in to the play, decide what your bluffing range is and stick to it. This decision will depend on the amount of money you have to bet and the tightness of your game. We will proceed with the assumption that you have decided your bluffing range and proceed to go ahead with it.
Also, it is good to have the knowledge of the player who is playing against you. For example, if there is a player with a tight game, then the odds are that you will pull of your bluff, unless your opponent has a hand that is better than yours or you have chosen an absurd bluffing range. On the other hand, if your opponent has a loose game, you might have a very high chance of winning. Loose gamed players take more risks and wager more. Thus, your overall profit will also be more substantial than against a tight player.
Confidence In Your Strategy
When you get coolered on a good hand, you might lose the confidence of bluffing in the subsequent hands. It is important that you move on from a loss and take confidence in the fact that you have put in an effort on devising your strategy and that it will definitely work in you favor rather than your opponent’s. So, be confident while you are bluffing to avoid being bluff coolered.
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