• July 31, 2021

What is Big Five Blackjack?

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Big 5 Blackjack is yet another Blackjack variant that plays to a unique set of rules. In this particular game you will be offered late surrender but not when the Dealer is showing an Ace.
There are not many rules to follow on Big Five Blackjack so with out further a do let’s see what these game play rules are:

  • Well as you know the game is played with 5 full decks of playing cards and in the game of Big Five Blackjack the Dealer must always Hit a Soft 17.
  • The game is not a Hole Card game which means that the Dealer won’t be peeking at his cards.
  • Big Five Blackjack allows you to Double Down on any two cards.

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  • You can also Double Down after you have Split cards.
  • If you get a Pair of Aces then you may Split them.
  • Just one card will be dealt to an Ace that has been Split.
  • A Split Ace and any Ten valued card will not be classed as a Blackjack it will simply become a 21 hand instead.
  • You can Split both unalike and alike Ten valued cards
  • You can Early Surrender any hand except for when the Dealer is showing an Ace
  • You can play Big Five Blackjack at Microgaming powered casinos and they also have an option that allows you to play it in autoplay, it will use the best strategy and allows you to give you mouse a break! 

Tips for Playing Big Five Blackjack
With a house edge of 0.47% then it will pay to play Microgaming’s Big 5 Blackjack variant perfectly when playing it, if you do not play optimum strategy then you are going to be increasing the house edge of the game which will reduce your overall winning chances.
So let us now tell you how to play certain hand combinations which will be dealt to you from time to time.
If you have a Soft 17 hand then this can be a very tricky hand to play, however to play it perfectly always Hit such a hand unless the Dealer has a 3, 4, 5 or 6 card showing if so then Double Down that hand or Stand that hand if the Dealer’s up facing card is a 7 or 8.
Should a Pair of 8′s have been dealt to you then always Split them unless the Dealer has an Ace in which case you must Hit them, however should the Dealer’s up facing card be a 10 then the correct move to make when playing Big Five Blackjack is for you to Surrender your hand.
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