• July 31, 2021

Ways to Win at Poker – Part 3

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Follow these tips and you can’t lose in poker. At least not in the long run.
Be creative in position
Playing speculative hands like 76 can be profitable if stacks are deep. But save those stunts for when you’re in late position. Being creative out of position can get very costly.
Read good books
Reading is the key to learning. While practicing is essential, reading speeds up your learning curve. For every good book you read, your profit goes up.
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Talk about poker
Many pros tell us their poker education came from discussing poker with their buddies. Every time you discuss a play you’ve made or a theoretic concept, you improve the way you think about poker. When you think better, you earn more.
Choose tables well
Your poker profits come from other players’ mistakes.  Don’t sit down with people who play flawless poker. If they’re really nice people, buy them dinner instead. It’s much cheaper.
Sit after the bully
If you choose to play with the bully at all (see above), take a seat on his left. That way you have position on him, and you get to choose which hands to play against his constant aggression.
Don’t move up when losing
If you’ve lost a few buy-ins, upping the stakes to win back your cash is a very effective loser. Actually, stepping down and turning the downward trend is the smart way.
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Analyze your hands
Don’t just play, play, play. Take a minute now and then to look back at hands you’ve played, try to understand what went wrong and what you did right. Discuss them with your pals. Hand analysis improves your win rate.
Take notes during live games
Some people may have perfect memories, but you’re not Stu Ungar. A short note about a situation in the game is good for your post game analysis.
Study your poker stats
By looking at statistics you can discover patterns in your game that are not clear from looking at individual hands. “Oops, AJ in early position costs me on average $5. ” Just don’t let stats cloud your judgment in a game situation.
Use statistics software
A software tool that imports all your hand histories and sets up huge tables is an awesome aid for your analytic brain. It helps you get a bird’s perspective of your game (and others’).
Find the overlay
Do it like Philip Marlowe and follow the money. If a tournament with guaranteed prize pool doesn’t fill up, you win your share of the overlay by just registering (in the long run, that is.)
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