• August 3, 2021

Ways to Win at Poker – Part 1

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Follow these tips and you can’t lose in poker. At least not in the long run.
Be the aggressor
Each time you bet or raise you give the opposition a chance to fold, in which case you win the pot. When you just check or call, they can’t fold. Your profit goes down.
Play your game
Trying to play like Tom Dwan can be really expensive if it’s not your natural style. There are many profitable styles in poker. Playing in your own personal style will increase your winnings.
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Use stopping rules
It may be wrong according to theory, but pre-defined rules for when to leave a game have worked miracles for many players before you. It’s a guiding hand for the times when you’re tired and weary.
Think poker
In between games you can spend a lot of time thinking about your calls and folds and bluffs.  The more you think about poker, the better you get. The better you get, the more you win.
Get a poker bonus
Playing to clear a poker bonus is a way to get some of the rake back. A good bonus always adds cash to your bottom line.
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Don’t play too high
If each pot bet makes your nose bleed, you’ll be scared and play cautiously. Opponents with fatter wallets will exploit you. When you get exploited, your profit goes down.
Don’t play too low
If losing big pots doesn’t make you feel bad, you’ll be calling too much. When you call too much, your profit goes down. Find stakes that match your risk advertence.
Keep your cool
No matter what happens, keep a straight face. Losing your temper decreases your profit.
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