• August 1, 2021

Types of poker players

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Poker players can generally be classified under 4 categories of playing styles which are defined by the frequency of play and how they bet.
You will typically see four general playing style combinations:

  • Tight Passive
  • Loose Passive
  • Tight Aggressive (TAG)
  • Loose Aggressive (LAG)

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Tight Passive
Tight/passive poker players plays only with good starting hands and thus plays much fewer hands. However, they are not aggressive when betting, often calling or checking even with good hands.
Loose Passive
Loose-passive players like to limp into lots of pots. They will call raises “just to see a flop” and will remain in the hand whenever they hit any of it, however marginal. They seldom take chances or become aggressive in their plays and they tend to be “calling stations” when they do. Their whole approach to playing poker is to watch and let others do the risking.
Tight Aggressive (TAG)
Tight and aggressive players play much fewer hands and bets aggressively, almost never check or call. Tight/aggressive playing style is generally considered the most effective playing style in poker.
With a tight starting hand selection, these players increase their chances of drawing a winner on the flop. Betting and raising aggressively also maximizes winnings while simultaneously having the effect of inducing opponents to make mistakes.
Loose Aggressive (LAG)
The loose-aggressive player tends to raise or re-raise a wide variety of hands pre-flop and will often bet on most flops. They can be extremely difficult to read because they play such a wide range of hands. In no-limit hold’em there are some very skilled players who employ a loose-aggressive style of play to great effect. They use their chips as weapons and are constantly applying pressure on their opponents.
Source: pokerology.com/ suntzupoker.com
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