• August 3, 2021

Tips to Win at Blackjack

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Whether you play at real tables or in online casinos, we hope these tips will help you win at blackjack.
The following tips are recommended to increase your chances of winning real money Blackjack. Please remember that odds and specifics vary from game to game. But these are generally good rules to follow:

  • If you have an Ace, Hit until you have at least 17 in your hand.
  • Double if you have 10 or 11 points in your hand.
  • Don’t Split pairs if you have 4’s or 5’s.
  • In general, Stand if you have 16 or better.
  • Stand only at 18 or better if the dealer is showing a Ten or Face card.

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There is some strategy and thought involved in your success at blackjack, and this allows people to feel some sense of control over their play. With this idea in mind, it’s very important to know the game well and to have some tips at your fingertips before jumping into playing. Here, we provide some important ideas for you to get started.

  1. Take advantage of the All Jackpots Casino bonuses, which are good for all the online Blackjack games we offer.
  2. Next, take a look at the many Blackjack strategy tables offered. Stick to the odds as much as possible. If you are playing Blackjack in an online casino, keep a blackjack basic strategy table next to your computer. The blackjack basic strategy table is the blackjack player’s best friend and your best aid to winning blackjack consistently.
  3. An educated player certainly has a better chance of winning blackjack than one who is playing blindly. But Blackjack is still a game with a lot of chance. You must remember this so that you don’t get frustrated or swear off the strategy tables and declare that they do not work.
  4. Since Blackjack is such a popular game with a rich history, it has developed into many different versions of the game. Before you start to play, pay attention to the rules of each game. The payouts for these different games are basically the same odds, but the rules might be different.
  5. Never assume that the dealer has a ten. This assumption often causes you to make silly moves and Stand before it is necessary. This is a very important and easy tip to follow.

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  1. Start off playing with small bets. Don’t jump into a very high betting game. If you blow all of your money early on, you won’t be able to continue to play.
  2. Finally set yourself a betting limit. Before starting to play, decide how much money you are willing to bet, how much you are willing to lose, and how much you are willing to win. If you lose your limit, stop playing. If you start to win at black jack, put the winnings aside and play from your initial money. If you reach your winning limit, walk away and feel successful.

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