• August 3, 2021

The Secret Online Poker Players…Stay-At-Home-Moms

Stacy Smith, not her real name, is a upper middle class stay-at-home-Mom to three beautiful children. Her husband, an attorney for a corporate law firm goes to work everyday, kisses his family goodbye thinking that they will spend the day doing crafts, and activities. Maybe fitting in a trip to the park or the zoo. What Stacy’s husband doesn’t know is that each day Stacy spends upwards of four to six hours online gambling. Online Poker is quickly becoming the stay-at-home-Mom’s dirty little secret. While years ago, mothers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s used to spend time each day planted in front of the tv watching their daily soap operas.
Now in the new millennium the average Mom spends hours a day online. Getting back to Stacy’s online poker habit. She confides that her husband has no idea that she has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on various poker websites. Sometimes she wins and sometimes she looses, but Stacy also enjoys the chat company relationships with other fellow online gamers. “Being a stay-at-home-Mom” can be a lonely occupation” says Stacy. Even though she enjoys the company of her three children all under the age of five, it doesn’t take the place of real adult conversation. Stacy also figures that as long as she doesn’t get her family into any serious debt then a few thousand spent on online poker is much less than she would spend if she was a chronic shopaholic, pounding the pavement of her local outdoor mall everyday.
Yet it’s hard to know when a hobby becomes an addiction. The best way to regulate how much money you spend online gambling is to set aside a certain amount to play with. Once that amount is gone walk away from the device! Or try to limit the amount of time you play. If that time is up then you are done for the day. As long as financially the stay-at-home-Mom’s playing doesn’t get out of hand or she ends up neglecting her children, it’s a fun and easy hobby to participate in. It’s estimated that daily around 300,000 people play online poker. Men still outnumber women 9 to 1 in this type of gaming. Yet, stay-at-home-Moms are steadily gaining interest in online poker, and it’s not such a big secret anymore as more and more Moms are admitting to being fans.

Steve Carr

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