• July 30, 2021

The Online Poker Industry is Growing Up: Eliminating Cheating

For years online gambling and card games were the extreme of taking chances with one’s money. Numerous instances occurred again and again where players hacked the computers managing card games, allowing them to see other player’s cards and cheating all the way to the bank. It was only through other hackers’ efforts that the original cheats would get caught, exposed and sometimes arrested. However, the damage was done, and many online platforms that saw original success also saw it all whittled away in having to give back refunds to jilted players.
Multi-Account Players
One of the early simplistic scams not involving program hacking was the practice of players taking out multiple accounts and entering the same game. This gave the given player an advantage over others, being able to control the card game with more than one position. Since then online firms have put in a number of filters to catch multiple-account players. One of the easiest traps involves where they fund and withdraw to. The same bank account is often an easy giveaway.
Zombie Bot Players
Otherwise known as poker bots, these are actually software programs that pretend to be a player, utilizing the power of a computer to out-think human players. Many online systems have been able to catch this cheats with pre-play entry tools that require a thinking person to pass the test. In most cases a bot can’t figure out the key and get stuck.
Old-Fashioned Statistics
If there is one thing about gambling, whether it is online or in real time, the chances of winning tend to follow a statistical pattern. When a cheating player enters the picture, he quickly becomes a mathematical aberration. That makes his behavior in the online card room stick out like a sore thumb, no matter how much the player tries to hide his cheating. When a character pops up as an aberration, it allows for easy discovery and examination with other tools, such as account behavior, chat logs, account history and similar. Where enough evidence is found, the cheater can be booted from the system and his winnings on hold confiscated, eliminating the problem long before it creates significant damage.
In Summary
There will still be cheaters who continue to figure out new loopholes to online gaming systems and virtual games of fair play. However, online casinos and virtual card websites have been proactively working to shut down cheating, making it extremely hard to pull off. They are light years ahead of the cheating scandals seen in the mid-2000s when online poker was in its infancy, and many casinos involved know they need to have a protected environment for the industry to be successful. So they are investing heavily in anti-cheating systems to make it work. That’s a good sign for all players, experts and beginners.

Steve Carr

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