• August 3, 2021

The Importance of Rake Back

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Just like casinos try to attract new player with casino bonuses, poker rooms give out poker bonuses and rakeback.
Playing Online Poker it’s important to use all the tools and bonuses you can to maximize your profits and one of those bonuses is rake back.
If you’re new to poker then rake back is probably a foreign term to you, so let’s clarify what rake is first.  When you play any real money cash game or a poker tournament the poker room will take a small fee.  For cash games the fee is usually around 5% of the total pot with a limit at $3 (sometimes $5 for high stakes).  In tournaments the rake, or fee as it’s often referred to, is taken from the outset.  In a $10+$1 tournament the “+$1” is the house fee.
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Whilst the rake is relatively small to the pot or tournament prize pools, those fees can quickly mount up.  If you start playing multiple tables then the rake you pay can rrun into several hundred dollars each day.  That’s where rake back comes in!
Getting a percentage of the rake returned is seen as an essential part of online poker for many players.  If you are a break-even player that pays $4,000 in rake each month then the 27% rakeback you can get on Full Tilt Poker would represent a profit of $1,080.  That’s almost $13,000 per year you would have previously been throwing away by playing poker without a rake back deal.
By now you should be understanding just how important rake back is and you may be wondering how you get the best deal (highest percentage).
How would you like to get some of that rake fee back to your bankroll? This is what rakeback is all about. When you sign up to a rakeback program you will get a specific percentage back from each pot that you participate in. The money will go straight to your poker account where you can use it for more games or as cash in your pocket. There are players that get hundreds of dollars back every month!
The more you play, the more you should strongly consider playing with a rakeback deal
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