• July 30, 2021

The Fresh Player

The game of poker requires stamina and endurance in order to have a competitive shot at winning tournaments or cash games. This type of focus requires a player to be fresh and well rested so that the physical symptoms of tiredness do not interfere with play. No player can tolerate loss of concentration, focus, and a scattered mind. As poker players sit at the table or sign into a poker room online, they know that patience is essential. Therefore coordinating the right time of playing is so important.
Poker is such a popular game that a player can find a game at all hours, especially by logging into an online poker site. If you live near a casino, then twenty four hour access is also possible – casinos never close. If you are a serious player you know that being fresh is vital and can be an edge at the table. It’s about find the right time of day that works for your schedule and sticking to it.
A player knows the importance of a sharp mind while playing; so many full time players sleep during the day and visit the poker rooms at casinos late night. Odds are that other players at a casino in the evening are to well rested. This is an instant edge and many regulars live by this strategy. Maintaining a more mentally focused ability can be just the type of advantage necessary to a successful poker career.
This is also easy to coordinate when playing online. Many online poker sites have international players and depending on the site’s appeal this can work well for those looking to keep a regular sleep schedule. You just need to find a poker room online attracting players from your opposite time zone. Many online players can easily get distracted and sometimes they will even log into the site when they should be asleep. Many more people are willing to log into a poker site wearing nothing but their underwear, then walk into a casino wearing nothing but boxer shorts.
The simple fact is that you need to maintain a clear head and stay fresh at the table. Many players with a fresh state of mind project a disheveled persona even though they just woke up and are clear as day. The element of surprise and keeping an edge is how poker works, it’s all part of the game. Stay well rested to enjoy the game and all of its subtleties, you might also start winning more if you had a full night sleep before playing.

Steve Carr

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