• June 18, 2021

Texas Holdem How to Avoid Going on Tilt

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One of the most important secrets of texas holdem success is to avoid tilt. Hours, days or even weeks worth of work can be lost in a few moments on tilt. There are ways to avoid it and they work best in combination with each other. Following these guidelines can make the difference of becoming a professional player, and not the guy who wanted to be one.
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Don’t immediately react to a situation –  When the emotional system becoems overactive it shuts down higher brain functions. Reacting immediately is almost guaranteed to get you in a mess and have you making bad decisions.  Instead of impulsively reacting right away breath deeply for five minutes and focus on your muscles relaxing. This is a proven technique to bring your heart rate back to normal and your brain back into focus.
Don’t take things personally – When you are hitting a losing streak or feel like everything is against you stop and realize that it’s not always about you.  The “powers that be” aren’t out to get you.  Unfortunately we do not have control over the way perceived situations make us feel.  By detaching yourself from the feelings of a personal attack you lose the victim mentality and can gain a little bit of power back, if not money.
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See the bigger picture – Every event at the poker table, high or low, serves a purpose.  If you are a smart player you will be able to pick apart these circumstances and discern its impact on future games and potential wins. Even in the midst of a really bad night (third time in an hour losing with AA for example) realize that there will be some knowledge gained from this.  Absorb everything and take it home with you.  Look for what you learned from playing that night.  Realize that though things might not be going your way this time that you will inevitably run into a night where everything seems to be going right.
Replace you line of thinking with something else – Negative thoughts lead are triggers that can perpetuate a downward spiral.  These sudden tings of anger or panic can start a ripple effect. As soon as you feel something dragging you into the abyss emotional force it out of your mind.  Instead dismiss it and replace those thoughts with the game at hand.
Forgive what’s pissing you off – Wether its that jerk off thats been blabbing all night or your own internal monologue just let it go.  When you forgive whatever or whoever is making you upset in the first place you detach.  Detach from resentment, negative thoughts or fury that cloud your judgment.
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