• August 1, 2021

Security Tips for Online Poker

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Aways have good security software installed & running correctly. This will protect your online poker bankroll & your computer from malicious intruders. Use the best antivirus or security software you can manage or afford compared to the level of games you play.
The last thing you want is for someone to be able to see your computer screen image & know what poker hand you have. Or get a hold of personal online banking account numbers for checking debit or credit cards. Having your savings wipedout would not be goo
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If you have good credit consider getting a free or paid credit report monitoring service. And keeping an eye on it every month. Along with some type of personal credit protection or insurance. I always do this.
This no brainier is to keep your online poker room log in information out of reach to those who would snoop through your private things, home office or online gaming area. And don’t let someone on your account with more money than you are willing to have owed to you. Because some people can’t control themselves in a losing session. That 50 you thought was the limit turns out to be 500 from someone who doesn’t have it. Plus it is against the rules of any online poker room I know of to do so. Better to sign them up with a refer a friend bonus. Then transfer money to them via player to player transfer.
One of the very worst things that can happen during an online poker game is to lose your internet connection or power.
In an online poker tournament your blinds & or antes will continue to be posted whether you are able to log back on or not. In an online poker cash game you will automatically be timed out & no more blinds will be lost. However you will lose what you have in the pot already.
Typically you will be given extra time if your connection is lost. This is especially true if involved in a hand. The bigger online poker games often allow even more time than normal.
The solutions I have used were to use the most reliable internet provider in my area. Second I often have more than one internet provider. The secondary connection is ready to go whenever needed. You can keep the spare modem booted up and ready to simply change over. If using this method you should try testing it out before you need it.
Know when your Internet service provider will be shutting down for routine maintenance.
Do your best to keep your computer up to date & running well with frequent clearing of the temporary files & cookies. Cookies can build up fast in browsers while playing online poker. Occasional tuneups are also recommended. All of which help to avoid crashes that could occur especially with older units running multiple tables at once. The older they are the longer it takes to reboot.
Another issue is power outages. Backup battery boxes are common computer items to prevent loss of work in a sudden power outage. The other solution is a small generator ready to go at a moments notice.
If you cannot do this you can always play Online Poker Games when there is no threat of a storm that will cause extra danger of a power outage or internet lines going down.
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