• July 31, 2021

Real Secrets of Texas Holdem Success and Survival

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Here some secrets that are needed along with strategy in order to be successful playing texas holdem.
How to Avoid Going on Tilt
One of the most important secrets of texas holdem success is to avoid tilt. Following these guidelines
*Feelings of frustration or anger are triggers for tilt.
*Learn to recognize when you are close to the edge. Then if you find yourself there, stop! Take a mandatory break or quit for the day.
*Avoid situations where losing would become stressful or develop into a feeling of desperation.
*This is done by selecting a game that is comfortable compared to the amount of money available to play with.
*Do not have more or less than you need for a game at your fingertips.
*Find ways to let out anger and frustration other than taking it out on your bankroll.
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Always Have an Advantage
Being more focused than most players gives me twice the advantage. Taking breaks on a regular basis is important. About 15 minutes every two hours.  If you are playing to win, taking breaks regularly can give you an edge over players that are equal or even superior. Taking breaks will also help avoid tilt by keeping you calm and the game in perspective.
Building a Strategy and Dominating the Game
First of all while you are learning texas holdem evaluate each new situation you face at the tables. After a play that you are not to sure about take a short 5 minute break and go over the play. Do your best to judge whether or not it was the best option, or decide which is. The next time you are in that same situation you will know what to do automatically. Eventually you will know what to do in almost every situation possible. Know your strategy before you play. I highly recommend choosing one type of texas holdem to play at first. This will help you focus on the strategy needed and become a master of that particular game. Once you start making money on a regular basis then if you want, take a look at another game that interests you and dominate it too.
Avoiding Table Talk
One of the most important things to avoid discussing at the tables is strategy. Do not explain yourself if someone criticizes or comments on your play. Some strategic plays may be misunderstood by someone that does not know how to play as well as you. Explaining it will only help them understand your style or take your money. On the other hand if you made a mistake, let them think what they want. And use it to your advantage if possible.
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