• August 3, 2021

Protect Your Data When Gambling Online

Data breaches from large companies have become a common place occurrence. Giving out your information to make your buying, selling, and enjoyment of the Internet easy is a hard lure not to bite. However, creating a few safety nets, especially when you are online gambling, can be a great boon to not having your identity stolen.
The most important thing is to keep an eye on your money. Make sure you’ve made yourself hard limits. Also keep your own track of how much you have spent, and how much you have earned. Keep a separate word document or excel spreadsheet outside of your gaming page. It’s a simple way to make sure that you are track with what it says with the online page.
Use a credit card with identity protection. Do not use your debit card or any card that is directly related to the bank when online gaming. A card that is simply for this kind of online use would be preferable. That way if someone does get your card information, it won’t be attached to other accounts. If you think that someone has gotten hold of your account information, turn it off right away. Better to be safer than sorry.
If you feel that you have been breached, or if you have heard from other players of issues’ contact the gambling site that you are using. They are as interested in your safety as you are. If people feel safe and protected at their sites, they will attract more visitors, which is the engine of their site. So if you have a concern, voice it. So they can make sure that you, and your fellow gamers have the best experience every time you play.
Use a cloud service for your data. Creating a separate space for your data that can’t be hacked as easily is a fine way to feel more comfortable while using the Internet. Make sure to use one that has a notable record of customers’ safety. A good example is SpiderOak. They will help you from being affected by data breaches. Furthermore, creating complex and often changing passwords can help you keep one step ahead of the bad guys.
Making these simple steps a part of your gambling online decisions should help protect you from many breaches that may catch others. Nevertheless, the best advice is to stay vigilant, be your own advocate, and you should remain safe.

Steve Carr

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