• July 24, 2021

Probabilities And Winning Odds at Blackjack

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The following is a list of Blackjack probabilities if you intend to hit your hand. For example you’ll see that if you hold 15 in your hand and intend to hit then you have a 58% chance of going bust. Obviously if you hit 21 you’d be crazy but we put that in there as well as 11 which is impossible to bust.
11 – 0%
12 – 31%
13 – 39%
14 – 56%
15 – 58%
16 – 62%
17 – 69%
18 – 77%
19 – 85%
20 – 92%
21 – 100%
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It’s interesting to note that you are an odds on favourite to hit thirteen and not go bust but the minute you start hitting 14 you are a favourite to bust your hand.
Blackjack Winning Odds
Overall you’ll find that most Blackjack games you play in the house have an edge of between 6% and 8%. This is assuming the player isn’t playing perfect strategy or counting cards which has the potential to allow players to gain an edge over the house.
If you employ perfect strategy then you can bring the house edge right down to less than 1%. The vast majority of players can’t be bothered to actually learn perfect Blackjack strategy but the beauty of playing Blackjack online is that you can sit there with your Blackjack strategy table and make perfect decisions every single time you play!
You have no time limit on your decisions when playing online so you’ll be able to use it while you play and eventually you’ll learn it off by heart without even trying.
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