• June 18, 2021

Poker Tips -Tipping Tips

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If you haven’t played much in casinos, it may surprise you to find out that you can tip most everybody that works there.
Tipping is always a controversial topic, there are different ways to tip, and some are nicer than others.We are going to give you some general principles
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As a general rule, about half of the front-line employees at a casino resort are working for minimum wage and hoping to be tipped. If you use valet to park your car, they are either your first, or last tip of the day. Most drivers tip when they pickup their car, but a couple bucks when you had off the keys or get your valet ticket is nice too – and your choice.
Once inside the resort, tips are not expected at the hotel check-in, concierge desk, or guest services.
Tipping on the Gaming Floor
You always have the option to tip the people who serve you, from the cocktail servers to the dealers to the people who payoff your jackpots
You can tip cash-game dealers one $1 chip for every pot I win or chop. It’s the same if I just pick up the blinds, or I win my biggest pot of the night. I increase that to $2 or occasionally even $3 if the hand takes unusually long to play out.
There are only three ways to leave a cash game: If I lose all of my chips, I have no reason to stop at, let alone tip, the cashier. If I leave with a profit, I routinely tip the cashier $1. If I’m cashing out but with a loss, I don’t tip.
Floor personnel
If the floor person does me some special service, such as counting out and bringing me a high-hand jackpot, I’ll tip a dollar.
Cocktail waitresses
I think $1 per is both decent and standard.
This are just general ideas On each of the specifics of this methods, one could argue that there are different, and even better, ways of doing it.
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