• July 30, 2021

Poker table presence and the game

The game of poker is a combination of percentages, betting strategy, luck, and player personality. A novice and veteran player incorporates those qualities and calculations differently while playing the game. This embodiment makes up a table presence of a player both online and offline and can be a major aspect to how the game is played. This includes a player’s clothing, demeanor, speech, tempo and online it refers to the avatar chosen, chatting online, speed of moves, and even username. These outward manifestations of personality all create an image in other players’ minds.
Here’s a brief overview of table presence:
1. The Talker – This presence is often connected to a loud and distracting personality. This player typically has a firm grasp of the game and can quickly calculate every move. The use of speech is a tool to shake up other players less comfortable with the game. It can be a very strong strategy to adapt this presence, but it’s easier if talking your mouth comes natural.
2. The Intimidator – This style is the complete opposite to The Talker, the player will typically wear sunglasses and not utter a single word. This player presence is slow to act even when holding a royal flush. This is a tough player to break, but if you understand this style than their edge is lost. This player let’s the cards speak for themselves and at every final table you’re sure to see this style.
3. Big Risker – This table presence is very hard to play against. This player knows the odds and loves risk. This player will often wages high dollar amounts with a weak hand, only to get extremely lucky and end up with an unbeatable monster hand. The big risks don’t always pay off, but this payer knows how to manipulate their successful risks into various bluffs and other strategic plays.
4. The Nice Guy – This is for the more conservative player and often a combination of various personalities at the table. This player also has a strong sense of the game, but can win over other players through kindness. this strategy works best in situations where other players choose to lay down their hand instead of calling. The nice guy approach succeeds, because nobody wants to fight the nice guy.
These are just a few personalities at a table, but this instead into a table presence should help in your understanding of the game. It’s best to first figure out what your table presence is and how you can best make it work for your game. once you know who you are, you can discover who’s at your table. Understanding these styles of play are just as important knowing percentages, rules, and having a little luck on your side. Hopefully these insights can be a useful guide for your online and offline playing and lead to a more complete appreciate of the game.

Steve Carr

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