• July 30, 2021

Poker strategy to improve your game

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As your game develops, the improvements that you do make will become less dramatic relative to the amount you will be winning.
Below is a short list of the top ways for improving your poker game and taking it to the next level.
Read books.
This is the #1 way in which to expand your knowledge of poker as a new player, because you will be learning the strategy and theory of what a professional poker player has learnt in possibly 20+ years of playing the game all in a matter of hours.
Question every play you make.
This is key to becoming a self-taught player, and after all, who are you going to learn from after the books can’t teach you any more
Before and after you make any play in a game, ask yourself ‘why did I make that move?’ Here are a few questions that you should contemplate asking yourself at the table:

  • Why did I make that bet?
  • What do I want to happen after I make this bet?
  • What will my opponent(s) think of that bet?
  • What kind of hand does my opponent have if he calls/raises?

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Watch training videos.
Poker training sites have become increasingly popular over recent years. These training sites cost a little bit of money to subscribe, but anyone will tell you that the quality information you get from the videos is easily worth the subscription fee
Visit forums.
There are many forums on the Internet (including the Texas Hold’em forum on this site) with members that share the same passion for poker as you, therefore these are great places to ask questions and read other players’ opinions on the game. But be sure not to take everything you read as gospel, as many of the members will still be learning the game just like you and simply offering their interpretation of the way some situations should be played.
Source: thepokerbank.com
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