• July 24, 2021

Poker strategy: Stop losing in poker

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It’s difficult to know when to get up and walk away from the poker table. Do you quit when you are winning? What if you are cutting off an extended losing streak? Do you quit when you are losing? What if your luck is about to change so that you can get even? One method for controlling your sessions is the stop loss strategy?
Stop Loss strategy is based on a specific money value. You know that when you have lost this much money you will stop playing. For instance, if you choose $500 as your Stop Loss value, then you will quit when you have sustained a loss of $500. This does not mean that you will quit when you are down $500. Rather, it means that your total losses are equal to $500.
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For instance, if you started the game with $1000, won $1000 more and then lost $500 you would walk away. You are still up $500 with a total bankroll of $1500, but you have sustained a loss of $500 over the course of your session. If you lose every game in your session, the most you can lose if $500. Once you have, walk away.
By using Stop Loss strategy you can take advantage of your winning streaks but avoid suffering huge losing streaks. Give it a try and watch your bankroll increase.
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Benefits of a stop loss
*You avoid tilting of large portions of your bankroll and stop playing at a defined point.
*You play longer sessions when you are winning and shorter sessions when you are losing.
*You get used to losing your set amount and then you are done for the day.
*Good for your mental health and well being if you handle losing badly.
Disadvantages of using a stop loss
*You may be forced to quit when the games are good.
*You play less hours overall so may end up profiting less.
*A stop loss is not a cure for tilt
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