• July 24, 2021

Poker strategy: Blackjack tips and tricks

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Here are some of the best tips and tricks to play BlackJack, while some of these might seem obvious to those with some blackjack background, you would be amazed at how normally intelligent players often let go of common sense in all the excitement of the game.

  • Always split pairs of Aces and 8s since when you have a pair of 8s it totals 16, not a very good hand because you must stand in most cases according to the Basic Strategy.
  • A pair of 10-value cards totals 20, quite a good hand to risk it.
  • When you have a hand which totals 17 or more it is very risky to hit since you can bust.
  • Never buy insurance! Insurance bet favours the house and don’t help you to win.
  • Always hit on 11 or less because you can’t go bust.
  • Never, ever adhere to the ‘dealer rules.’ Dealers must hit on 16 and stand on 17. This is the number one rule that novices need to forget. Playing by the dealer rules assumes that the dealer and the player are on equal footing, and they’re not. If the player and the dealer both bust, the dealer wins. That is why this ‘system’ does not work for the player, but only for the dealer.
  • As a novice, play by the Basic Strategy. It is only through consistency that you improve your odds against the house.

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Mental Attitude

  • Whether you’re playing baseball, the stock market or Blackjack, expect to lose a majority of the time, approximately 70% of the time. Statistically, you’ll lose more hands than you’ll win.
  • Think long-term. No single hand or session matters if you’re playing with discretionary money. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re playing for fun and money.
  • Play only when you’re mentally prepared; feel up to rolling with the punches, and when your energy level is high.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. If you cannot give the game your full attention, walk away from the table.
  • Drink in a bar, not while you’re playing Blackjack.
  • Don’t pressure yourself or accept outside pressure to act too quickly, whether you’re playing on the computer or in a casino.

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Tactical Advice

  • Remember that even after you have mastered basic blackjack strategy and black jack card counting techniques, it is impossible to win all the time. Blackjack is a statistical game and professionals know that to win big means playing lots of hands, riding out fluctuations and perfecting their skills to achieve an overall advantage.
  • Card counting is an effective way to gain an advantage over the house, but it is extremely difficult to do properly. More importantly, counting cards in blackjack while playing online is useless, since most games shuffle the deck after every hand.
  • Playing multiple hands against the dealer does not provide a statistical edge – it’s really no different than playing for a longer period of time. It certainly speeds things up, but it doesn’t increase your chances of winning.
  • Know the blackjack lingo. If there is a term used in blackjack that you don’t understand, you need to find out what it is. Blackjack is an easy game to learn, but it takes some time to master. Find out all about insurance, surrendering, and all the rest before you put money down on the table.
  • Never stop learning, never stop practicing. Even if you think you have perfected your game, you can always improve. Check out new strategies, new games, and new ways to play.

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