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  • January 19, 2021

Poker strategy: Blackjack Math

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House edge is simply the theoretical profit expressed as a percentage that a casino is expected to make from any gambling game, in Blackjack it is the game play rules and payouts that make it possible to work out this figure.
A Blackjack player should always be looking to find the Blackjack game which has the lowest house edge when choosing a variant to play, this will mean they not only will havea sporting chance of a winning session but also they should, in theory get longer Blackjack sessions.
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Microgaming Blackjack Games – House Edge

GameHouse edgeGameHouse edge
Classic Blackjack 0.13%Vegas Strip Blackjack0.35%
Vegas Single Deck0.35%Atlantic City Blackjack0.36%
Spanish Blackjack 0.38% Pontoon 0.39%
Vegas Downtown Blackjack0.39%Bonus Blackjack 0.39%
European Blackjack0.42%High Streak Blackjack0.42%
Perfect Pairs Blackjack0.42%Big 5 Blackjack0.47%
Multi-hand Blackjack0.59%Double Exposure Blackjack 0.69%
Super Fun 210.94%  

Real Time Gaming Blackjack Games – House Edge

GameHouse edgeGameHouse edge
Blackjack Surrender 0.49%European Blackjack0.57%
Standard Blackjack0.57%Pontoon0.73%
Match Play 21 0.81%Face Up 21 0.85%
Super 211.20%  
Super Fun 210.94%  

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Vegas Technology Blackjack Games – House Edge

GameHouse edgeGameHouse edge
Perfect Pairs Blackjack 0.35%Vegas Strip Blackjack0.41%
European Blackjack0.73%  

Playtech Blackjack Games – House Edge 

GameHouse edgeGameHouse edge
Blackjack Switch 0.16%Pontoon0.38%
Blackjack Surrender0.39%Standard Blackjack0.49%
 Live Blackjack0.57% 

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