• June 18, 2021

Poker Savant? No, Just a Good Learner

There are those who start learning the game of poker who believe that playing the game well is an inherent skill. After all, they reason, how can the same players end up at the top table time after time? Simply put, this is not the case. Put another way, do you really believe that you have to be a Picasso to be a skilled artist? Or a Michael Jordan to be a skilled basketball player? Obviously, the answers are no and no.
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Becoming a skilled poker player requires the same things that made Picasso and Michael Jordan who they are: planning and discipline, both of which can be learned. Or put another way, you need to have a clear plan to become a better poker player, as well as the discipline to keep with your plan.
No School of Hard Knocks?
Twenty years ago or so, the best poker players in the world learned largely at the school of hard knocks. They may have learned while in the military or in their free time at another type of job, but today most good players learned by mastering the basics and a good smattering of poker theory. By both accounts, however, they learned on their own.
Thanks in large part to the growth of televised poker, a whole new generation of players is growing up with poker as well as the resulting growth in publications dedicated to the game. Just a quick search of Amazon alone reveals page upon page of books available for sale about poker. Regardless of the aspect of the game that you want to learn more about, there’s a small library of books available to you, just as close as your keyboard.
Add to this the number of classes that are now part of the community education catalog of many small colleges, and you will find yourself booked for years learning your poker skills.
That’s right. Pure, nose to the grindstone discipline. Just as is the case with so many other things, all of the planning in the world won’t do you a bit of good unless you are able to apply a generous amount of glue to your posterior and learn the fine points of the game. It doesn’t matter how strategically sophisticated any player is, if they lack discipline, they are lost before they get started.
The truth is, however, even if you rise to the level of a moderately good poker player, you will have all of the skills required to win consistently. You don’t have to be a world champion to win enough to supplement your income or, God forbid, earn your entire livelihood at the tables. The secret is to become the best poker player that you are capable of becoming. That’s the way to get yourself on course to become a lifelong winning poker player.

Steve Carr

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