• August 1, 2021

Poker Player Styles

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Poker player styles are as important in poker as understanding position or pot odds.
Tight Aggressive (TAG)
Tight aggressive players are involved in few hands but tend to dominate their opponents when they do decide to get involved. They are not only aggressive but also patient and will wait till a premium hand comes their way to maximize their profits and minimize losses.
Tight Passive (TP)
Tight passive player have the patience to wait out hands, which benefits them when playing against loose players or those who are weaker than them
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Loose Passive (LP)
Loose passive players are ideal in any poker game. The see many flops, call a lot of bets but rarely raise their hands out of concern of loosing. These players love to check call  right to the showdown, loose passive players give up their bankroll with a measly struggle.
Loose Aggressive (LAG)
The loose aggressive player, is unpredictable, crazy aggressive and is extremely erratic in their game.
Sources: onlinepoker.net
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