• July 30, 2021

Poker News: Scott Hosbach Wins 2014 Seneca Fall Poker Classic Event #1

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The 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic kicked off on Saturday in Niagara Falls, New York!!!
The $500 no-limit hold’em event attracted a total of 144 entries, creating a prize pool of $61,560. At the end of a long day it was Scott Hosbach claiming the title after a four-handed deal at the final table. Hosbach, who also won a tournament at the 2014 Seneca Summer Slam, claimed his second title in four months inside the Seneca Poker Room.
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The tournament flew by at a fast pace until the money bubble approached. The unfortunate honor of bubble boy went to Blake Napierala, and it was Hosbach who handled the dirty work. Hosbach opened to 11,500 from middle position and action folded around to Napierala in the big blind. He announced all in for just over 100,000, and Hosbach quickly called.
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Once the 10-handed final table was reached, we witnessed a little family rivalry between Tom MacKinnon and his nephew, D.J. MacKinnon. D.J. opened to 22,000, Tom moved all in for 101,000 and D.J. called after getting an exact count.
Rob Bourkney (ninth place) and Adam Foster (eighth) were the next to go, and they were followed to the rail by a severely short-stacked Bob Herman in seventh.
Six-handed play lasted more than two hours before Nick Walker was eliminated, and it took a cold deck to get it done. Brian McCormick opened his button and Walker shoved for 253,000 from the big blind. McCormick called instantly.
The final four players agreed to an even chop for $10,334 and agreed to play it out for the winner’s trophy. However, after a long day it turned out to be a shovefest for the hardware, and Hosbach finished best.
The Seneca Fall Poker Classic continues Sunday with the start of Event #2, a $125 no-limit hold’em re-entry tournament with six separate starting flights across three days. The final table will take place Wednesday, Nov. 4
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