• July 24, 2021

Poker Dictionary : Dealer

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* The person dressed in a snazzy bow tie at a live poker table that shuffles and deals the cards.
* The person playing at a poker table designated as the dealer with a button who does not actually deal out the cards.
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Cards are dealt from the position of the Dealer in a hand of poker, which rotates in a clockwise manner around the table after the completion of each hand.
The player designated as Dealer for a hand is identified by a round “D” marker placed in front of him/her on the table.
When playing online poker the software will deal all the cards automatically on behalf of the Dealer.
According to the normal rules of Poker, the dealer button regularly changes seat along with the big and the small blinds. This basically means that every player who is part of the game has a chance to become the dealer at one time or the other.
This rule though, is more applicable for home games and in casinos, online games as well as in tournaments, the dealer is normally a neutral person who specializes in dealing cards in poker. This person is seated in the box and deals out the cards in each hand, after thoroughly shuffling them. Even in such a case, there is a dealer button that is passed around on the table to denote the actual player who is the dealer on each particular round.
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