• July 24, 2021

Poker Dictionary: Deal It Twice

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Also known as “run it twice” or “running it twice”. Sometimes  is also called doing business In practice, this is only done when the hand has gotten down to heads up and one player is all-in and the other player has matched their bet. Running it twice can be done after either the flop or the turn, but can only be done after one of the two players is fully all-in. Both players must agree to run it twice in order for the procedure to be allowed.
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Most commonly seen in community card games like Hold ’em, and only rarely seen in commercial casinos, running it twice directs the dealer to dealtwo sets of the final cards to be dealt, thus creating two different outcomes. The pot is split into two equal halves, and the first half of the pot is awarded to the winner of the hand using the first set of cards that were dealt, and the second half of the pot is awarded to the winner of the hand using the second set of cards that were dealt.
It is also possible to run it three times (or, in theory, run it as many times as there are cards available to do so), in which case the pot is split into thirds, and the thirds are awarded using the different sets of final cards.
Why Poker Players run Hands Twice?
Reduce Variance – While poker is no doubt a skill game, variance can make even the best players look bad. For example, if you’re holding A-K and flop A-5-8, you’d be looking good here; however, an opponent who holds 9-8 could land another 8 on the turn or river and deliver a bad beat.
Those looking to avoid losing the entire pot in this situation might consider running the hand twice so they have a better shot at winning at least a portion of the pot. Likewise, a player who’s looking for the miracle 8 to complete their set would be interested in running it twice too. Just keep in mind that expected value doesn’t actually change in these situations; instead, dealing it twice just cuts down on short-term variance.
2. It’s a Nice Gesture – If another player wants to run a hand twice – or even more – accepting their request is a sign of goodwill. After all, there are plenty of people who want to cut down on their short-term variance, and if you play along, it adds more enjoyment for the other player. Of course, there is nothing forcing you to run hands twice if you don’t want to.
3. It can help with Bankroll Management – While you should avoid playing cash games with a limited bankroll, those who play micro stakes and want to extend their bankroll should run hands twice. If you are dealing with less variance, there’s less of a chance that your small bankroll will bust. However, we can’t stress enough how important bankroll management is, so make sure you know what’s going on before selecting cash game stakes.
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