• July 24, 2021

Poker Dictionary: Check Raise

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A check raising is a check. To check when given the first opportunity to bet and then raise when another player bets during the same round of betting.
*A poker move in which one passes on the option to bet and then raises after another player bets during the same round of betting. (noun)
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The check-raise is one of the most powerful moves in poker. Because a player is showing a willingness to challenge someone who has already committed money to the pot, the check-raise signals that he likely has a strong hand. The big risk of going for a check-raise, assuming it is being done with a very good hand, is that the opponent might never bet, thus not allowing for the “raise” part of the check-raise. Because the move is interpreted as a sign of great strength, it can also be used to perform an effective, yet risky, bluff.
Some poker players believe that check-raising someone is somehow unethical because it’s “deceptive” and “tricky”. In fact, in some cardrooms, you’ll find older poker players who will actually get visibly angered when someone check-raises as they might have played in games where check-raising is illegal. The widespread consensus in the poker world is that check-raising is legal, allowed and a major part of the game. All major tournaments and all online poker rooms allow check-raising.
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