• June 18, 2021

Poker Dictionary: Bad Beat

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What does the term “bad beat” mean in poker? What is the definition of the term “bad beat”?
bad beat
* phrase about an improbable loss on a hand of cards. Means that you started the hand way ahead but got outdrawn, thus you suffered a bad beat.
* poker term for a hand in which a player with very strong cards loses to an opponent who is statistically unlikely to win, but hits a lucky card (or two) and unexpectedly takes the pot. The losing player is then said to have suffered a “bad beat”.
*To be ahead statistically in a hand, but ultimately losing.
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A bad beat can be a heavy psychological blow and can throw off the
losing player, affecting the rest of his game.
An example of a bad beat would be when a full house gets beaten by a straight flush which was completed by catching the right cards on both the turn and the river.
Many players don’t consider a hand a bad beat unless the majority of the chips were put in the pot while the victim of the bad beat was ahead. Additionally, how much of a favorite a player needs to be before the chips get in the pot is constantly up for the debate. For some players, all it takes is to be the statistical favorite. For others the probability of winning must be high enough for the loss to be particularly shocking.
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