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Play Of The Hand

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In holdem, players take turns paying the blinds. To make sure everybody pays their fair share of blinds, new players have a choice to make when they sit down. As a new player, you can either wait a few hands until the blind comes around to you naturally, or you can “post” an extra blind and get a hand immediately. If you post, on the hand after that you are a regular player and the dealer continues to deal you in.
When you post, the chips you post are “live”, so if the action is unraised when it reaches you you will not need to bet any more chips to stay in the hand. If someone raises before the action reaches you, your post counts as credit toward calling the bet, if you wish.
Stud games have antes instead of blinds and you don’t have to wait. The dealer will ask you to post your ante on the very next hand after you sit down.
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Your cards and the board
Once you are dealt in, your own cards will be displayed in front of your seat and other players’ cards will be displayed face-down in front of their seats. This way you can see who is dealt in. After a player folds, their cards disappear. You’ll have to remember yourself who was dealt out, and who was dealt in and folded, just like in real life.
In holdem, the dealer places the community cards, or board, face up in the middle of the table.
See the section on client display options below for information on using a 4-color deck. Sometimes it can be hard to tell clubs from spades and a different color for each suit helps you avoid a mistake.
When it’s your turn to bet, buttons appear marked “Fold”, “Check”, “Bet”, “Call”, “Raise”, and so on. In a no-limit game, you will also have a slider and/or text box that you use to choose the amount of your bet or raise. The slider can take some getting used to and some people just always use the text box.
You can also make an “advance action” before it is your turn to act. This is most useful when you know you are going to fold no matter what happens between now and your turn. You will see little checkboxes that say “Fold to any bet”, “Call $3”, etc. You can change you mind any time before the action reaches you. If the action reaches you and you have checked one of the boxes, the dealer performs your action for you without pausing.
The showdown
At the end of the hand, the dealer manages the showdown. The dealer starts out by showing the cards of the person obligated to show first. Then each player in turn is given the option to show their hand or “muck” their cards without showing. To speed up the showdown, most sites automatically show winning hands immediately. None of the sites allow a player to muck a winning hand, so you don’t have to worry about making that mistake.
When all the cards have been shown, the dealer awards the pot according to the rules of the game.
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