• August 1, 2021

Online Poker what you need to know

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Someone always calls. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone call a huge bet when I was ahead in the hand… only to catch the cards (plural) they needed in order to win. It’s a sick feeling that you just have to get used to. Not going on tilt after hands like this is what separates the winners from losers.
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Most online poker players are losing players. The odds of most people at the table being truly good players are slim. Also keep in mind that it takes extraordinary effort/skill to be a consistent winner.
You can’t see your opponent’s hole cards. Sure spend the $20 for the bogus software that claims it can do this for you. Like anyone would sell it for $20 if it worked.
You don’t need rakeback unless you play A LOT. Casual players won’t really get enough money to really help their bankroll. If you play a few hours a day, everyday, then you would benefit from rakeback.
Playing while multitasking is a recipe for disaster.
People like to talk. Ever played a table where everyone seems to know each other? That’s probably because they do. The truth is, however, they like to sit in the chat box and shoot the shit about all their bad beats and why they should be up instead of down because it makes them feel cool. Just turn off the chat box, ignore the BS, and focus on the game.
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