• July 30, 2021

Online Poker Types of Players

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Source: fishorshark.com
There are 11 different player types which you can see below:
Calling Station To put it simply, these players call a lot! They are characterized by loose-passive play pre-flop, passive play post-flop, and going all the way to showdowown often. This player calls all the time. Bet them for value, and do not bluff. This is the least profitable type of player.
MANIAC They are WILD and their presence alone changes the entire dynamic of the table. The maniacs extremely loose and aggressive playing style runs over the timid players. This is a very aggressive player who likes to bluff. Slow play maniacs when you have strong hands.
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Shark They are very solid players with a tight and aggressive playing style. They should be avoided at the tables as they are tough opponents. Watch out, these players are good.
 Mouse They are tight and passive, preferring to call or fold instead of betting and raising. This is a timid player. Can be easily bluffed out of a hand great for stealing blinds from.
Rock You will hardly notice a rock at the table because they play so few hands. Rocks are characterized by tight and aggressive pre-flop play, but passive post-flop play. They won’t be spewing too many chips around. Rocks are generally tight and passive. You will not get much action from this opponent.
 Bomb Bombs are aggressive players but they sometimes lack discipline. These players hasve a loose and aggressive style. They will give lots of action and are willing to gamble. These players are loose and aggressive and like to bluff.
Red Yield They are tight and passive pre-flop, but aggressive post-flop. They rarely raise pre-flop, even with good hands. These are tight players. Be careful when they raise pre-flop.
Green Yield Plays too many hands. This player generally overvalues his/her hand.
Green Fish This player is loose and passive. This can be an unprofitable playing style. This is a very weak player. Bet him/her for value.
Blue Fish This player is loose and aggressive pre-flop, but passive post-flop. He’s been known to play lots of hands. Plays too many hands. Bet this player for value.
Elephant They are always willing to see a flop. These are very loose players who will play any two cards.
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