• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Etiquette

There is something about the anonymity of online chat that seems to bring out the worst in some people. And in poker, whether online or off, there are some basic rules of behavior that you should follow.
Poker etiquette is nothing more than good manners and showing respect for your fellow poker players. Basically treat others at the table as you would like to be treated yourself, no one likes a loud mouthed poker bully.
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Here are four guidelines for online poker etiquette:
Go easy on the language. 
While online poker is an adult activity, nobody appreciates a foul-mouthed slob.  There is no need for swearing on the poker tables
Don’t be rude.
It’s rude to dose out too much trash talk, or to rub your opponent’s face in it when you beat them, or say they must be a real idiot to play as badly as they do. Now of course this depends on the table, and what’s rude at one table might be good-natured fun at another. But think, do you really want to chase away the worst player at the table by telling him how badly he plays?
Keep up with the pace.
Don’t slow down the game by being inattentive. Use advance actions whenever it makes sense.
Don’t comment on a hand in progress or give advice during a hand.
The old poker rule is “one player to a hand”. It means that each player must play their own hand without help from anybody.
Don’t be a loud mouth
It’s pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes when players have a bad run of cards or experience a bad beat, they lose a bit of self control. Don’t berate other players just because they got lucky, or try to humiliate players who are playing poo
Keep the chat to sensible levels
Everyone likes a nice friendly poker game, but don’t let your need to chat slow down the game. If it is your turn to play, then play first and chat later. Although you may be enjoying an in depth poker discussion with your fellow poker players, others may just want a nice smooth game of cards.
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