• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Winrate

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Winrate is the amount of money you win over a period of time.
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The amount of money you win over a set period of time or hands is known as your “winrate” or “win rate” (I’m not sure if there is meant to be a gap). In poker, winrate is a very interesting topic for a lot of players as the higher your winrate the more money you win.
Win rate basics.
Poker winrates are most commonly expressed in the 4 following ways:
bb/100 = The number of big blinds you win per 100 hands.
bb/hour = The number of big blinds you win per hour.
$/100 = The amount of money you win per 100 hands.
$/hour = The amount of money you win per hour.
The most commonly used winrate in tracking programs and on forums for no limit Hold’em these days is bb/100.
A few other win rates.
The following winrates are less common, but just be careful not to get them confused with the ones above.
BB/100 = Big Bets per 100 hands. A big bet is 2x the big blind.
ptbb/100 = Poker Tracker Big Blinds per 100 hands. This is the same as BB/100.
So, if you have a winrate of 3 BB/100 or 3 ptbb/100 in a $0.5/$1 NL game, you would be winning 6 bb/100 or $6 per 100 hands.
The reason why BB/100 and ptbb/100 exist is because of limit Hold’em. “Big bets” are double the big blind and are used on the later streets in limit Hold’em. When PokerTracker first came out it measured winrates using double the big blind for both limit and no limit games, so to save confusion the notation “ptbb/100” was used.
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What is a good winrate?
This is easily the most frequently asked question when it comes to win rates, and the answer is always the same…
Any winrate above 0 is good.
A winrate above 0 means that you are a winning player and you should be happy about that. Something crazy like 95% of all online poker players lose money, so be thankful that you’re good enough to be in this elite group. However, I know that you’re not going to be satisfied with a very general answer like that. You want some figures don’t you?
Rough ballpark figures for good and great winrates.
1 – 4 bb/100 = Great. A solid winrate if you can sustain it.
5 – 9 bb/100 = Amazing. This is a very high winrate at any level. Consider moving up.
10+ bb/100 = Immense. Very, very few have a winrate like this. You probably have a small sample size though.
Once again, these are rough guidelines for good and ridiculously good winrates. If yours is much higher, then congratulations to you and I hope it remains high. At the end of the day though as anyone will tell you… you’re doing a good job if your winrate is above 0bb/100, so be happy with what you’ve got.
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