• July 30, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Time Bank

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Time bank it refers to A reserve pool of additional decision-making time that a player may use in a tournament.
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Most tournaments limit the length of time that players may use to take their actions. These limits vary significantly, from a few seconds in turbo tournaments to several minutes in other tournaments. Some tournaments also include a time bank. While time limits reset at each action, the time bank is typically a fixed amount of time that is not restored after it is used.Looking for best online poker room website? Follow us and check out our promotions we offer you  the best online poker bonus.
EXAMPLE: “I had a reasonably strong hand and there were a lot of chips in the pot. I bet. My opponent hesitated for a moment and then went all-in. If I called, my tournament life would have been on the line, so it was a tough decision. I ended up thinking about it for a while and used part of my time bank. I ended up making the call and I won the hand.”
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