• July 31, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Three-Bet Light

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The three-bet light is another way to pick up pots, even when you don’t pick up a big hand, has occurred quite recently in online no-limit hold’em poker and  is not yet as universal in live poker.
Light three-betting refers to putting in a re-raise before the flop with hands that are probably worse than the opening raiser’s hand.
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You used when you try to identify and attack loose players who are open-raising too often.When you’re three-betting light you’re going to be in one of two spots, either re-raising in position, or from the blinds.
Three-Bet Light must belong to the waepons of any good hold’em player, but you must use it wisely, taking into account position, players’ styles, table dynamics, opponents’ range for calling 3-bets,  and your current table image.
Use 3-betting light preflop wisely, otherwise your opponents will rapidly notice your bluffs and you will have to answer to their 4-betting light.
Check this video and learn about the power of the light three-bet!
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