• August 1, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Tapping the Glass

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In poker, the saying “tap the glass” refers to telling weaker players at the table about their bad play to vent and educate them in the process. This is in general an awful idea, as your money comes from them, and telling them to improve will only hurt your bottom line.
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Don’t ever criticize a player who just beat you with a pathetic hand and a miracle river. For one thing no one cares, for another thing the player may leave the table and give you no chance to get your chips back. That means the fish has not only stolen the bait off your hook, but has also swam away.
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Do not tap the glass
See, poker, at its most purest, is a game of information. Imperfect information to be exact. You may know your cards, and you may know the cards on the board, but you do not know your opponent’s cards, and if it is pre-river, you do not know what the board will eventually look like by the time you reach the river. With this imperfect information, we must make decisions. The players who make the better decisions will win more in the long-run. The players making poor decisions may have some short-term success, but eventually will end up loser.
So, when a player warns you not to tap the glass, they are really telling you not to scare away the weaker players. After all, when information and knowledge are your best ammunition in a poker battle, the less knowledgeable are the easy targets.
The wrong type of chat can scare off players in two different ways. First, you can be mean and scare them away with name-calling and empty threats: “You donkey! If you did that in person, I would’ve kicked your ass!” It can also be done by revealing to your opponent that he is outclassed. “You don’t even know poker odds!” If that’s so, your opponent just learned of poker odds…from you! And he’s likely to leave the table now that he knows he’s outclassed.
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