• July 30, 2021

Poker Dictionary: Suited Connectors

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Basically, suited connectors are cards which link together and they are very useful to have in your hand. A connector would be something like a 7-8, but a suited connector would be a 7 of clubs and an 8 of clubs (because they both belong to the same suit). Bear in mind that suited connectors are pretty rare, but lucky to stumble across.
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But even if two of your cards are not directly linked to each other – maybe you hold a 9 and a jack – we would say that they are still worth holding on to. Why? Well, if the right cards appear in the flop, you still have the chance to make a straight (a run of cards of any suit) or even a flush (a run of cards in the same suit).
Suited connectors can also help you achieve a flush draw. Let us explain what a flush draw is. Say you have a suited connector in your hand (like A♣ and 2♣), then in the flop a 3♣-4♣-x appears. You are said to be in a flush draw. You simply need one desired card (which would be any ♣) to be drawn to make a flush. Of course, poker is unpredictable and you may not get the card you so desperately need on the turn and the river. And if you don’t, sadly this is called a busted flush.
An open-ended straight flush draw puts you in an even better situation than a flush draw. Okay, so let’s imagine you have two suited connectors (a 7♣-8♣ for instance), and the flop comes down revealing a 5♣-6♣-K♣. What does that give you?
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It gives you a run of 5-6 from the flop, plus 7-8 from your own hand. It’s called an open-ended draw because you only need one more card on either end to make a straight. In this case, all you need is for a 4 or a 9 to turn up and you’ll make a straight. So overall, you are actually doubling your chances of winning, which is pretty good.
Open-ended straights like this are quite rare and most of the time you’ll only have one end to form your run from. Let’s just say you had A-2 in your hand, then the flop comes and reads 3-4-J. What will you end up with? You’ll have A-2-3-4 so you can only use a 5 to make a straight.
So what would the perfect situation for a suited connector be? If you held a 7♣-8♣ and a 5♣-6♣-King♣ turned up in the flop then you’re in an excellent position because not only would you have an open-ended straight draw, but you would also have a flush draw. You would be so fortunate if you ended up with these cards since it massively increases your chance of hitting a good hand. But how?
Well, because not only are there eight cards in the deck that would give you a straight (four 4s and four 9s) but there are also nine cards in the deck which would give you a flush (13 spades minus the 2 in your hand and the 2 in the flop). In all, they’ll give you a 54% chance of hitting your hand. Those odds are pretty good, wouldn’t you say?
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