• August 2, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Stone Cold Bluff

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A Stone Cold Bluff  is a form of bluff where a player has no chance of winning the hand other than by getting other players to fold.
The risk involved in a stone cold bluff is very high since the only chance of winning the pot is when everyone else folds to your bluff and you often have to backup your bluff with very aggressive betting.
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A bluff works best against one opponent. Although it will work against two, that’s not recommended. Attempting a bluff against three or more players is usually a waste of perfectly good chips.
The best position for bluffing is early position. Coming into the pot with a raise from early position is a sign of a strong hand, and it should eliminate most players with marginal hole cards.
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Most bluffs are attempted right before the flop, but you can fire off bluffs on fourth street and at the river as well. The deeper you get into a hand against a player who is still calling you, of course increases the risk of getting caught with nothing at the river.
Take advantage of paint cards that drop. If you made that pre-flop bluff and an Ace or King drops, take advantage and represent as though that paint fell for you.
However, should you be caught in a bluff, not all is lost. The fact that you bluffed all the way to the bitter end can be played to your advantage on a later hand, one in which you are actually holding gold, but your opponents may read as another bluff.
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