• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Squeeze Play

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A squeeze  play, means to make a large raise after there has already been one raise and at least one call.
The implementation of the squeeze play in poker is determined by the situation, not the cards.
You have to be able to read situations well when putting the play into practice, as it can otherwise prove to be costly. Therefore it is better to be able to understand how to use the play from the start, rather than taking a trial and improvement route.
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Squeeze play example.
A typical situation for a squeeze play will occur when a loose-aggressive player opens for a raise pre-flop. Another player will then call this raise and the action comes to you. At this point you make a reraise or move all-in, causing both the initial raiser and caller to fold, allowing you to take down the pot. The basic layout is:
Player A: Raises
Player B: Calls
Player C: Re-raises All-in
Players A+B: Fold
Player C: Wins
There are other players at the table, but for the purposes of this example we will assume that they all folded before or after Player A raised.
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