• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Splash The Pot

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To throw your chips in the pot to where they “splash” everywhere instead of moving all the chips forward in one motion. Poker players don’t like it when other players splash the pot.
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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is considered bad etiquette because the chips will often roll out of the pot and cause extra work for the dealer and because it makes it difficult to confirm that the amount contributed was counted correctly.
Therefore, in casinos, cardrooms and tournaments, players are required to ensure that at no point during the game, do they splash the pot. In online tournaments or games, players cannot splash the pot due to the electronic nature of the game.
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Splashing the pot is an inconvenient and inconsiderate thing to do when playing poker because it doesn’t allow others to truly get a sense of how much money you just threw into the pot.
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