• August 1, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Range Merging

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Range merging is when you bet with a medium-strength hand on the river, where the board makes your opponent believe that you can only be betting with either the nuts or bluffing with nothing at all
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What are bluffcatchers?
Bluffatchers are hands that you wouldn’t bet with because they are not strong enough, but you will more than happily call a bet with them if you have the suspicion that your opponent is going for a bluff on the river.
One thing to remember about range merging.
If you merge your range frequently, opponents will get wise to your game and start slowplaying strong hands as they expect you to continue betting. Therefore, if the example hand above was repeated, the second time around our opponent may well check with an Ace because they will be expecting us to bet with a mediocre hand on the river.
This is more of a metagame problem more than anything, so I’m not going to go in to the ins and outs of what your opponent thinks and how they are going to react to your plays. Just be aware of how range merging will affect the way your opponents play against you.
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Evaluation of range merging.
Range merging is simply taking advantage of players who are trying to catch you out when they think you are bluffing. This article was quite meaty, but I can split it up in to two main sections of learning:
*Figuring out what a bluffcatcher is and when we use it.
*Learning how to take advantage of players using bluffcatchers.
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