• July 30, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: overcall

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To overcall is a scenario that comes into play when a player calls a bet after others have performed the same action before her/him.
The term “overcall,” refers to a certain type of call. Specifically, an overcall is a call that you make in the face of one or more players calling in front of you, before it is your turn to act. It most frequently applies to action at showdown. The fact that you are making an overcall, as opposed to another type of call is strategically significant. You need to incorporate your knowledge about overcalls when deciding on a responsive action. One thing you should consider, when facing an overcall situation, is that an overcall is often either a tough call, or a dumb call. The more people who call in front of you, the tougher (and possibly more unwise) the overcall becomes. The reason for this, on a basic level, is because when there are more players in at showdown, your weak to medium strength hands have a much lower chance of winning than if
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To match all previous bets without raising; when a bet is required in order to maintain eligibility to win the pot, to make the minimum required bet.
A call made after an opponent in earlier position has also called.
In a declare game, to verbally declare a hand of higher rank than is actually held.
It is important that you make overcalls based on sound poker logic and reasoning, not because you are on tilt, or are angry that your hand got snapped. When you are faced with an overcall situation, you typically have three options open to you. You may fold, call, or raise. If you are considering an overcall, it is probably because you have determined that your hand is not strong enough to raise, elimination that as a viable option. So you have a weak to medium strong hand, and you need to decide whether to muck it or to overcall.
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The first thing you have to acknowledge is that the person who called the bettor likely called with something, and that something was, like your hand, probably not strong enough to raise with. Since the bettor has been called, it eliminates the possibility that he can win the pot by bluffing or betting a busted draw. The call also indicates that caller, like you, has a weak to medium strong hand. This should indicate to you that it will take at minimum a medium strength hand to have any chance of beating both the river bettor and any callers in front of you. In order to make a legitimate overcall on the river, you need to have a reasonable chance to beat every player who has bet or call in front of you. As this number goes up, the less chance your marginal, non-raising hand has, and the more you should be inclined to muck, rather than to overcall.
Overcalls are often, but not always, a bad idea. Sometimes, you can win by overcalling with a marginal hand, especially when your opponents are prone to speeding or bluffing. Some of the greatest, most profitable calls you can make are the tough overcalls that you make to win pots. When deciding on whether or not to overcall, you need to consider your pot odds. Essentially, this means that you must consider the size of the bet compared to the size of the pot, and evaluate the profitability of the overcall, based on your perceived chance of winning the pot.
Usage: Two players Overcalled, Make An Over Overcall, Call And Overcall
Overcalling is a common phenomenon in games where the stakes are running high and the betting amounts are quite large.
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