• July 24, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: out of Position

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In poker, the term “OOP” stands for “Out of Position”. If you are “out of position”, then this means that there is at least one player that will act after you.
Often times when referring to a hand in a blog or forum, a poker player will use the acronym OOP to demonstrate that during the hand, he or she was out of position.
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Position is definitely an aspect of the game that most beginning players overlook. It’s not they don’t understand what it is or what it means, it’s that they don’t grasp how much being in position vs. being OOP can change the way a hand is played. For example, let’s say you call a button raise from the BB. You’re now OOP, and have willingly chosen to play the rest of the hand at a disadvantage – your opponent gets to see and analyze your actions on every street before they make their decision.
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Position is also important in multi-way pots as getting to act last in a four-way pot can be a huge help in determining whether or not you should continue with a hand. Poker is a game of incomplete information, but the more you have before making your decision, the better of you’ll be and that’s where position becomes important. In general, you want to avoid playing weak to mediocre starting hands OOP, especially against good players.
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