• July 31, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Nosebleeds

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Nosebleeds refer to the very highest of high-stakes poker games
The implication here is that the money swings can be so large and so fast that they can cause nosebleeds the way that shifts in air pressure can.
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Everything is relative, but generally, the term nosebleed stakes refer to games where the blind is at least $200/$400. Compare that to the average poker game played online, which ranges from blinds of $10/$20 to $25/50.
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Often, games with nosebleed stakes use blinds that are much, much higher than $200/$400.
When a casino reserves a room or an area, or creates an exclusive group, just for nosebleed stakes, this is often called the “nosebleed section,” a term that typically refers to the area of upper seats at a sporting event or concert.
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