• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Multi-Tabling

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Multi-tabling is a method of playing online poker in which you participate on multiple tables simultaneously. Many recreational poker players choose to multi-table because it’s more fun and if they are skilled then they can also increase their profits over time. Professional players will mass multi-table in order to maximize their profit per hour rather than seeking a particular rate of return on their investments.
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Reasons to play multi-table tournaments include:

  • Control your spending with fixed buy-ins that can start at absolutely nothing
  • Lots of players mean lots of prizes
  • A chance to qualify for big money tourneys for a fraction of the cost
  • Win trips to Europe or even Vegas to play big live tourneys
  • Choose from over 500 multi-table tournaments every day

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The general concept of multi-tabling is that if you can be a winning poker player at one table, you might also be able to be a winning poker player at two, three, four, or many more tables simultaneously. Most online poker rooms have built-in features that facilitate multi-tabling and in this lesson we’ll examine the two main methods and provided some strategy tips to help you maximize your profits.
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