• July 30, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Heater

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A word used to describe a winning streak or good run of cards.
This term is very popular within the poker community, particularly when it comes to describing the shift in the psychological attitude of the winner.
It is worth pointing out that while nobody would say that being on a heater is a bad thing, it poses a danger of affecting the play style of the winning player and consequently putting him or her on tilt.
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Please note that a heater doesn’t have to refer to a specific gaming session or tournament. In fact, if a player proceeds to win a number of important events, it would also be considered a heater.
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  1. A player picks up pocket aces in two consecutive hands and receives plenty of action on both, winning both major pots. If the player lost the second pot, it would likely be an example of a cooler.
  2. A professional poker player gets to the final table at a World Series of Poker event and proceeds to win a World Poker Tour tournament later that year.

3.A player is down to just 2,500 chips in the World Series of Poker. Suddenly the player goes on a “heater” and is sitting on a massive pile of over 50,000 in chips. This “heater” includes two AA vs KK confrontations (both hold), as well as a hand where our player flops the nut flush against a player who had flopped the second nut flush.
This is a “heater”.
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